The new year brings new challenges as well as a fresh start. Tackle them head on by ensuring you have the strongest possible team in place.

Amid reports of an impending recession, we know leaders are assessing plans for 2020 more carefully than in years past. Every aspect of business leadership will present its own unique set of challenges when the market slows, and bringing on sales talent is no different.  A downturn in the economy signals a Catch 22 for hiring leaders as the talent pool expands, but quality is driven down. Ultra-performers will be locked into their current roles more securely than ever, while job postings will be subject to an increase in sheer volume of applicants as well as an uptick in underqualified and ill-suited applicants. Sifting through the increasing noise will mean a more costly and time consuming process for hiring managers, multiplying the already significant loss in revenue and productivity that comes with filling a vacant role. 

Additionally, in a shaky market, strong reps will be hesitant to take on the potential uncertainty of a new role. Weathering the storm will require strategies that minimize the hiring process and ensure each new rep is ready to hit the ground running. Utilizing recruiters will allow you to filter out the noise and bypass job boards. With ISG, you’ll reduce your time to hire to just 14 days – from the average of 57.5 – so you can continue bringing on the top performers you need. Our recruiters build genuine relationships with candidates in markets across the US, who trust our partnership and are passively looking for new opportunities. 

Despite the uncertainty of a slowing economy, ISG Partners is committed to helping you stay above the clutter of job boards and placing consistently high quality talent on your team, when the need is more pressing than ever.

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