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“The Avengers” Of Selling: How To Build An Effective Sales Team

“The Avengers” of Selling: How to Build an Effective Sales Team

By ISG Partners

Earlier this year, we saw a high-profile team come together for a common goal. Of course, we’re talking about Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow et al. in Avengers: Infinity War, a little movie you may have heard of (it made quite a little chunk of change at the box office).

A sales team is a lot like the Avengers – a diverse group of personalities and skill sets coming together to fight for a common goal. Now, while you more than likely won’t be fighting an evil mastermind (like Thanos and his minions of darkness), you’ll still need to take the same sort of care and thought into selecting your sales team in order to ensure the best experience – and highest profits.

So, how can you put your all-star “Avengers” team of effective salespeople together? Here are some tips to remember:

  • Cast a wide net in the interviewing process – The actual selection of your team will be the most important decision you’ll make in the entire process. Thus, it’s essential to slow down, take your time and be extremely though with the selections. Go into it with an open mind and a pile of resumes to look through. Too young? Too old? Too much experience? Not enough experience? Not the RIGHT type of experience? Cast off those traditional crutches and instead search for the best fit and the right person for your sales team. In this instance, a resource like ISG Partners – the best company to find top sales talent, one dedicated to finding the right resumes and right people for clients – can prove to be an extraordinarily valuable resource.
  • Remember, personalities matter – In sales, personalities in key. When assembling your team, you’re looking for people that will have the desire to win, the skill to learn, and the attitude to sell. So base your questions to them around that and see how they respond. Are they motivated to sell? Are they open to new ideas, new strategies, new tactics? Do they have the capacity to know everything they need to know about the product and the company? Most importantly – do you trust them to sell? Are they amiable, personable, well-spoken and confident? Those are the type of people you want on your team.
  • Inform, educate, and train – Never, ever, EVER skimp on the information and training for your team. Once you have your team in place be sure they have the knowledge and tools they need to go out and sell your product or service. Make sure they know every detail of the product or service, inside and out, so they can quickly accurately respond to the queries of the people they’re going to be selling to.
  • Have clear expectations, and communicate them to your team – Develop clear and realistic sales goals for your team, and be sure to communicate those expectations to your team members. Develop the numbers that you’re looking to hit – with lots of input from all vital stakeholders – and make those numbers known to the team before they embark. Having set goals and numbers in mind helps to clarify and solidify the mission to your sales team.
  • If something’s not working, don’t hesitate to cut bait – In this modern, high-powered, ultra-fast and ultra-competitive sales environment, you don’t have the luxury of waiting around for a person to “get their feet under themselves” or “get into a groove.” The bottom line is that every so often you are going to err when it comes to selecting a salesperson – you’re human, and it happens. The key is to recognize the misstep early and correct it before it begins to drag the entire team down. Don’t hesitate. Pull the trigger before it gets too late.


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