Coronavirus is dominating the news and keeping everyone on high alert. On a professional level, offices across the country have opted to go fully remote in the coming days, a daunting task that can make it feel as though life, work included, have ground to a halt. But amidst the uncertainty surrounding the illness, it’s important not to let your business get sick, too.

The Movement Toward Working From Home

An array of technologies has made remote work an increasingly appealing option in recent years, offering flexibility both to employees and employers, as well as allowing companies to maintain a reach in regions outside of their HQ office location. “Some companies, such as REI, FlowPlay and Genie, had already been using virtual meetings or encouraging telecommuting” and have ramped up these efforts in response to the outbreaks, according to The Seattle Times. These same technologies have already begun making their way into the hiring process, and ultimately offer a seamless transition while working from home. 

The Importance of Maintaining Hiring Momentum

Hiring is a signal of major growth for a company, and a weeks long slowdown can have disastrous effects. Putting a hold on hiring for sales positions particularly can cause major damage to a company’s bottom line, and halt the momentum of a team in hypergrowth. Ultimately it boils down to a simple approach, “The longer a position stays open, the greater the damage to your business in financial terms of revenue and lost productivity,” according to business and productivity consultant Don Herrmann. In sales, this formula is doubly true, and for a sales team in hypergrowth, a halt on hiring is exponentially damaging. 

Remote Hiring during Coronavirus Outbreak

Major players across the country have already made the switch to remote hiring according to the New York Times, which states, “Face-to-face job interviews have been all but banned by some firms, in favor of interviews conducted by teleconference.” Contingency plans are important, and dozens of softwares are available to make the transition simple for teams of any size. Take a look at our top picks to keep the hiring process running smoothly, even while out of the office.

Our Top Picks


Zoom is tried and true, and offers easy to use video conferencing capabilities so you can conduct a one on one or panel interview from anywhere in the world. Additionally, Zoom offers seamless screen sharing, allowing you to easily present materials or review documents with a candidate remotely.


For a price, AdobeConnect offers enhanced video conferencing capabilities such as on screen, shareable annotation and an extremely user friendly mobile system for iOS and Android. 


GoToMeeting offers similar full remote capabilities like AdobeConnect and ZoomVideo, but also offers a solution for in-office hardware video conferencing. A solution called GotoRoom allows your in-office team to quickly and easily set up a fast and efficient conference room with a remote candidate.

Moving Forward

These softwares, among others, make it easy to conduct interviews from several different locations at once. This way, all teams can continue the crucial hiring process uninterrupted, and ensure your team is set up for success in the face of uncertainty. When it’s time to move operations back into the office, your team will be more ready than ever.

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