With low unemployment rates, and an increasingly competitive job market, top talent has become much more difficult to find, making the need to find and retain Rockstar Reps even more paramount. But how exactly do you separate streaky performers from true Rockstars? Let’s take a look at a few ways to find the diamonds in the rough.

Back to Basics

On-Target Earnings (OTE) is an extremely important factor for ambitious reps, but only Rockstar Reps will have a comprehensive understanding of how to get there, and the confidence to do it. Top performers used to meeting and exceeding goals will be able to explain exactly how comp, metrics, and pipeline all tie together into OTE – and exactly how they plan to achieve it. Similarly, a rep who sees OTE as an alluring but unattainable number has a greater chance of being an underperformer.

Outside the 9-5

Asking questions that go beyond just a candidate’s work history and habits has long been an interview practice, but what exactly should these questions be telling you? A true professional lives and breathes their work, and will be seeking opportunities to improve themselves and propel their career any chance they get. This may be in the form of books or podcasts centered around sales, networking events, workshops, or any number of other career-driving activities. Dig deeper to separate those who are looking for a job from those who are chasing their passion. 

Work Backwards

No matter how strong a rep is, if they don’t fit with your team’s process or goals, it’s going to spell trouble. That’s why the best way to find a fit for your team is to work backwards by identifying the traits your most successful reps already have and using those to determine what your ideal candidate looks like. These may range from qualities like coachability and resourcefulness to prior work experience from a certain industry. Combining these traits with a track record of shattering goals is a surefire way to find the Rockstar you’re looking for. 

Find Out the “Why”

Finding out a person’s “why” is the final piece of the puzzle in identifying a Rockstar, and often the most difficult to pin down. Some people may not know their “why” but everyone has one, and the more closely aligned that “why” is with the position you’re hiring for, the more success you’ll see. Finding out why they wake up in the mornings and go to work and why they are driven each and every day to do what they do will paint a deeper picture of a candidate’s motivations. Certain motivations will be more indicative of a top performer. Anyone in sales can tell you it’s a tough gig, so a desire to continue in a sales career is enough to tell you a rep has seen at least some history of success, and a candidate seeking a vertical career move shows ambition and drive. There may not be a magic formula when it comes to digging up the “why” that weeds out the Rockstars from the rest, but it can give interviewers some insight into how connected a candidate will be with a role, outside of just the metrics. 

Ultimately, the profile and qualities of a Rockstar Rep are different for each and every position. At ISG Partners, we work closely with our clients to discover exactly what these qualities are, and drive reps to your door that already fit the bill, taking the headache out of the hiring process.

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