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It takes certain aspects to become the best — especially in sales. You have to know how to overcome objections, understand your product, relate to your customer, and more. While some people are naturally gifted in sales, there are a few habits that really make a difference in being good in sales and being the most successful.

Here are the top five key attributes and performance-related metrics.

1. Know Your Product

One of the most crucial factors in selling anything is knowing all about your product. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new car, satellite television, insurance, or boat — you simply must fully understand your product in order to sell it. Going into a sale with half of the information will be transparent to your customer base and they will know if you are simply winging it.

For instance, if you are selling a high performance sports car to a potential buyer and are asked the horsepower, you should be able to answer immediately. Bottom line, if the customer cannot trust that you know all about what you are selling, why should they continue to show interest in your approach?

2. Relate to Your Customer

One of the best ways to increase your chances of making a sale is being able to relate to your customer on a personal level. If you can put yourself into their shoes, even temporarily, you can better understand their needs and how to expand on those needs.

In psychology, this is known as “liking.” The principle of liking, as it pertains to the psychology of buying, says we’re more likely to say yes to a request if we feel a connection to the person making it.

3. Personalize Your Message

Up-selling and cross-selling work well when the message is personalized. If you’re going to try to add to your sale then you have to make sure it’s what the customer needs and that you’re relating to them on a personal level.

Whether it’s in the follow-up phone calls or e-mails that you send, or you are with the customer face-to-face, your personality has to shine. Words matter. So, speak directly to the consumer. How your brand crafts the cross-sell message will dictate how the shopper responds.

4. Be Prepared

Being prepared is more than knowing your product — you also have to know your customer demographic. This means you must be able to tailor your sales pitch to your customer’s needs and learn how to overcome their objections. By understanding the person or the company you’re selling to, you have a head start in being able to adapt to objections and customize your pitch to increase the chance of a sales opportunity. Not knowing your base audience will cause a lack of interest from that potential buyer.

5. Know When to Follow Up

It’s important to strike a perfect balance in following up and knowing when to move on or give your potential customer the space they need. According to Forbes:

44% of sales reps give up after one follow-up, despite the fact that most sales require multiple. So, knowing how and when to follow up is an obvious sign of a great salesperson. With that being said, it’s still important to strike a fine balance when keeping in touch with leads and clients. Persistence is great, but no one likes being pestered. The best sales reps know when it’s time to let things rest.

The best sales people know how to combine all of these factors into their personality and sales approach for a successful and lucrative career.


Principle of Liking

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