When it comes to bringing on new sales reps, the task can be daunting, and figuring out the right time to outsource that search equally so. Each case is different, but when it comes to sales hiring, utilizing recruiters may prove even more beneficial than outsourcing for other functions.

Sales hiring requires more vetting than other industries.

Sales is a unique profession for a lot of reasons, and one of those is that the hiring process can look vastly different than in other job functions. In sales particularly, finding a stellar sales rep requires finding someone with a magic quality that can’t be quantified. Quotas attained, years of experience, presidents club trips earned – all of these are important factors – but finding that magic quality requires a much deeper level of vetting. Unlike IT or Design, where a portfolio paints a fairly complete picture, finding the right sales fit means conversations to find out personality, motivations, and whether or not someone has the drive to succeed. This spells out a more stringent and labor intensive hiring process that can cost hiring managers big. Agencies take the time to get to know each candidate – so you’re guaranteed that magic quality.

Traditional resume filters can miss rockstar candidates.

Taking the time and care to find that certain rockstar quality is a massive benefit that saves teams incalculable time and frustration, but its also an oft repeated benefit all hiring managers are aware of. But there’s another, less obvious benefit that may prove even more lucrative. Utilizing an inventory recruiter with a consistent network means they’re able to find rockstars that your resume filter – AI or human – may have overlooked. Your next top performer may have a different degree than you’ve been looking for, a background you weren’t expecting, or less experience than you’re used to. Recruiting agencies take the time to know each and every candidate, and may just find you the purple squirrel in the rough. 

Recruiters have a higher level of industry knowledge.

Certain industries are significantly more insulated from the rough and tumble of the economy – but sales tends to be one of the most sensitive. For this reason, sales recruiting agencies go far beyond the transactional relationship of staffing other industries. Sales recruiters are particularly tuned into the industry and able to guide sales leaders on the prevailing trends in the market in terms of comp, the talent pool, and future insights, which can change frequently. 

Finding the right sales talent for your growing team is a challenge. You can learn more about what to look for in a rockstar sales rep here, or connect with us here to find out how ISG can streamline your sales hiring process.

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